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May 16, 2006
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colin.lee.essay. by Scazza colin.lee.essay. by Scazza
For my Digital Arts course at university, I have to complete a module called Digital Art Processess, in which for out assessment we have to visit 2 galleries (which gets us 20% of the marks) and then write an illustrated essay and a presentation on our favourite digital artist (essay worth 50% of the marks and presentation worth 30% of the marks).

Now with myself being good friends with *lee25 i thought that it would be a good idea to him, not because i know him well, but because i love and admire his work. So i was told by my lecturer to include lots of pictures and for it to be around 1000 words, now i made the 1000 words and included lots of pictures.

This is due in on thursday btw so i really do hope its ok, so tell me what you think, have i done this awsome artist justice? is it amazing? is it a pile of wank? please tell me what you think :)

Thanks to *lee25 appreciater your co-operation with this, even if you did take like a million years to sort out the information ;) :P :hug: :heart: hehe.

editchanged the layout so that its easier to follow :)
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Sick-Osiris Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
colin lee. fantastic artist.
Scazza Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2007
indeed a fantastic artist and a very good friend :)
ilabstudios Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2006
Bro I have to say I love your style.. May I ask where you are studying? I'm at London College of Communications apart of University of the Arts London but it sucks.. so I'm at the moment applying for a BA Digital Arts course for 2007.

This peice looks awesome, how did you do the page layout, in InDesign or just Photoshop?
lol I know I'm going on, but which type of Graphic Tablet have you got? I'm investing in getting one but dont know which model of a Wecom to get.. and I haven't got too much money.

Anyways bro.. nice work.. hope you pass your course!
Scazza Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2006

First off, I'm not studying anymore. I finished my first year @ Thames Valley Uni in Ealing - London, but just had enough and had a nice summer and just decided on not going back. So I am just working at Debenhams Call Centre at the moment to pay back the bills.

I was thinking off re-applying to a different uni to study graphic design but I thought to myself that the debt would be too much and you don't need a piece of paper saying you can design. It shows in your work what you can do.

As for this piece, I did it in InDesign. As for the graphic tablet, I use the Wacom Intous3, think I paid about 180 for it from Micro Anvika by Tottenham Court Road beginning of my first year at uni.


CardinalCDXX Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006
Just out of curiosity what did you get on this?
Scazza Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006
i still don't know. I havent had me results through yet :( but I am looking forward to finding out :)
JK89 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Scazza Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006
cheers :)
Projek Featured By Owner May 20, 2006  Professional General Artist
Whats the Bape header about? Dont quite see how that fits in lol
Really nice work though, not to complex and easy enough for others to understand
What did you tutors say though? Hehe
Scazza Featured By Owner May 20, 2006
the B ape header is part of a photo colin took. dont no what i got for it as teachers aint marked it yet.
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